Did you know that January 23, 2012 is the start of the Chinese New Year…The Year of the Dragon?

Flash Drive Shortage

Be Sure to Order Your USB Flash Drives Soon!

Did you also know that almost every single USB flash drive factory in the world will be either closed (or affected by the closures) for at least 7 to 14 days during the Year of the Dragon holiday celebrations?

Make no mistake…This will definitely affect USB suppliers, distributors and resellers WORLDWIDE, not only during the factories’ closures, but also in the upcoming weeks before, and for several weeks after, the January 23 and on closures.

Historically, there is a sudden surge in USB orders a few weeks before, as many flash drive suppliers and their customers start to realize that there is going to be a limited window of opportunity to get delivery of their USB orders before the closure.

This causes a “gold rush” mentality for flash drive buyers.

Then there is the WORLDWIDE backlash after the closures, when every USB factory is behind in their production, with a massive volume of orders coming in, causing delays in normal production and flow for ALL USB orders placed after the closure.

No-one is immune to this annual phenomenon! Buyers and sellers alike!!

There will be shortages of flash drive product choices, capacities, options and more. Plus, you can also count on increased pricing for those sellers who try to stockpile some inventory. Remember, flash memory is a traded commodity with fluctuating pricing and can be volatile in the trading markets. Stockpiling is extremely risky.

We advise that you plan your USB purchasing very carefully over the next 2-3 months. If you have dated events or promotions in January or February, you will have to be extra-careful in planning.

We at Flash Drive Canada strongly recommend that you place your urgent January orders prior to Friday December 16, 2011. Urgent February USB orders should be placed prior to Friday January 6, 2012. The closer we get to those deadline dates, you should also expect somewhat extended delivery times.

Don’t even think about ordering after January 6, unless you can wait till mid February (or even later) for delivery. We’ll do our best to keep our clients updated with real time USB production schedules and tips on how to manage your flash drive ordering.