That’s a pretty bold statement, however we really believe that we have the best USB value on the planet.

Here’s why:

Many might think that “value” starts with the USB pricing. We respectfully disagree, but we do have the “price” angle covered. Our USB pricing is consistently amongst the most competitive pricing online.

When you are a lean organization, with razor thin margins and no commissioned sales reps, unnecessary staff or huge overhead, that means we can deliver excellent USB pricing to our clients.

Also, we are not afraid to publish our most popular models’ pricing online every week, while most other suppliers seem to be frightened about revealing their pricing, unless they make customers jump thru hoops. I’ve never seen such a paranoid industry that uses “price matching” as an excuse to hide everything from customers!

That’s right, I’m calling out the so-called “price matchers” again, like I did in an earlier post!

Our customers also seem to like our very high standards of excellence when it comes to product and imprint quality, as well as the function and design of our USB’s and layouts. You’ll also see that we have a ton of free options and bonus features that most other suppliers charge extra for.

Our free Data Uploading of 500 MB combined with our pricing for over 500 MB, is likely the best in the industry.

Finally, as professional online marketers, we offer extremely valuable insight and knowledge when setting up a marketing plan with your USB’s. There are lots of ways to track the true value and effectiveness of your USB marketing campaign that we can help you with. That’s another tangible value that no-one else has demonstrated.

Best USB Value