Here are some tips on organizing and uploading your data files for your flash drives.

1) Create a new folder on your computer with your Flash Drive Canada QUOTE NUMBER as the folder name. (for example: 121316-A). You can use any filename, as long as it is easy to identify as yours. This folder is temporary and represents the main USB drive directory, with all your files and folders displayed within it.

2) Organize your files and folders exactly how you want to have them on the USB, inside this new folder. (Note: Unless you can create a custom menu program, the user’s settings will determine how your files/folders will be ordered & displayed).

3) Please ZIP and send this folder to us using the upload widget below. The main folder will not be uploaded to the USB, only your contained files and folders will be uploaded.

4) Optional: Advise us if you require a normal upload (recommended) or if you prefer a protected upload. This involves partioning of the drive to protect the data. (ie: To make it undelete/uneditable). Please consider whether you want the option of being able to change your data at a later date, before you choose the protected option. For example, if you have your catalog/price list on a large quantity of USB’s to distribute over a period of time, then this is a consideration.

5) Optional: Advise us if you need any auto-link functionality (ie: Automatic linking directly to a specific URL or webpage. Usually defined as a “web key”.). This is an option when you only want to send users to your website, when they plug in the USB. It is also a very good option if you want to control or change your data on your own web page. Your website can be updated at any time, and the linking programmed on the USB will still point to the URL. This can also be a “passive” link on your USB directory…in other words, the user must actually click on the link to connect to your site. Please note that operating system settings and antivirus settings may block this function.

6) Optional: Advise us if you need any auto-play functionality (ie: Automatic launching of your Powerpoint program, video or other program). WARNING: We no longer recommend this in most situations, as newer Windows versions and anti-virus software will block the running of the program, and may flag the launch program as a false-positive virus.

7) We will send you our Data Upload approval form with screen shots to confirm that we have received all files and folders. Simply email back your approval to proceed.


Please note that for most uploads, each user’s computer settings will determine how your files and folders will be organized and displayed.

If you have a variety of files, you might want to create folders for each main category of your data files. Be sure to name your files and folders appropriately, so that the user understands the contents. To allow the user to organize files or folders in a specific order, you may want to add a number or letter as a prefix to the filename. (For example: 1-Company-Catalog.pdf).

Simple URL links can also be added to the main USB directory or to your designated folder. This may be a better solution if there is not enough USB capacity for your data, or if you want to update or modify data, right on your website or online page.

Please allow for about 10% of the USB capacity for the USB’s own program files, when calculating your available capacity. For example, your upload should be maximum of about 115 MB for a 128 MB capacity USB. The available capacity can change, depending on several factors, so be sure to check with us first if your data upload is over 90% of the listed USB capacity.

Here are some examples of data that can be uploaded to the USB, or linked to from the USB:



PowerPoint Presentations

PDF Files


Price Lists




URL’s (Links)

And More!


Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.



Please use the widget below to upload your ZIP folder(s).

Maximum upload size is 2 GB per ZIP folder.