This is an email that I sent out to my client list on March 26.2020.


The world that we knew has gone sideways with COVID-19, hasn’t it?

There’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty for all of us, whether personal, family, job, financial or business.

My own small business has been hit very hard with cancelled orders, double digit CAD/USD exchange rate cost increases, as well as the obvious effects of many businesses and organizations closing down, which has a massive ripple effect for businesses, services and customers… literally everyone.

These are trying times, especially those who have been directly affected by the virus.

Yet we all must continue to keep looking forward, and keep moving forward.

I positioned my business to be run 100% online, from my tiny home office, way back in 2009. That was after several decades of doing the “bricks & mortar” thing with rent, overhead, staff, sales reps, commuting, meetings, etc.

It’s kind of funny that “social distancing” is actually nothing new to me and the many others who work at home or run businesses or online ventures from home.

My home office is actually the main reason that I can offer 24/7/365 customer service to my valued clients.

Which reminds me of why I’m reaching out to you…

I wanted to let you know that we are still providing our USB business services at 100% efficiency and capacity.

Please don’t hesitate to get back to me, should you require any of the following:




Or if you have any questions on anything USB-related, for projects now, or for those in the near future.

Our normal production, transit and delivery times are still steady at 10-12 days, real time.

My business was built based on a win/win partnership mentality, and I still believe in that… even moreso.

Many of you know me as the USB flash drive guy… but that is only part of what I provide. I’ve always tried to diversify my own businesses and options, and I have several other biz interests and skills, including online marketing, lead generation, affiliate marketing and e-commerce… along with the many hidden, complementary skills related to those endeavours.

For those of you who may be unsure of your job status, or your organization’s or business’s survival, there are going to be many job or business opportunities that will come out of this current global health crisis.

Of that, I am certain.

Feel free to hit me up, if you have any questions on anything USB-related, business-related or work-from-home related…


Regardz… Ian