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All of our orders are fully custom made, assembled, imprinted and packaged. Our factory produces each order from components, based on each customer’s specifications and requirements.

Every order is customized, whether it is for an un-imprinted USB model or a custom-molded 3-D PVC model.

We exercise great care in making sure that customers understand and approve our order confirmations, artwork approval forms and data upload approval forms. Our proofing and approval system guarantees 100% accuracy in what the customer approved, compared to what our factory will produce.

For this reason, we do not offer refunds. All USB sales are final.


We do fully guarantee our products and our workmanship. And we have a stellar record of success.

If your order does not match the specifications that you approved, we will replace it, or offer an agreeable solution.

If you find any non-working models, we will either repair them, replace them, credit them, or add them on to your next order.

We offer a 12 month warranty on our products. As part of our factory warranty agreement, please retain any non-working models for possible return to the factory. In most cases, this is not required, since our factory’s failure rate is very close to ZERO percent, over the last 7 years. If you do find a series or batch of “bad” memory chips, we may have to return them for testing, however we will replace those that are tested as “failed”.

If you find non-working units within the 12 month warranty period, please advise us by email. Please be sure that you have tested all units in your order for functionality, before reporting the final number to us, via email. We’ll note the quantity in your file and replace or add to your next order.

Please note that our data shows that over 99% of reported failures are actually user-system issues. Every system has different hardware, system settings, software settings, antivirus settings, port power settings and other related issues. Please be sure to test non-working units in several other ports or computers before declaring them failed.

Also, try re-formatting the USB in either FAT32 or exFAT, to see if one of these formats restores the functionality or compatibility with your system.

FAT32 format is used for most PC and MAC situations (up to 4GB transfers), and exFAT should be used, if you are transferring large capacity files. Many MAC users (photography, videography, imaging & graphics) will find that exFAT format works best for their specific system & requirements.

Flash Drive Canada reserves the right to make the final decision on whether to repair, replace, credit or offer alternative solutions.

We prefer to have happy customers, so we will work to provide the best solution possible.

Flash Drive Canada’s overall value, service, quality and experience is unmatched anywhere in the world.