USB Tin Box

USB Packaging Adds More Value!

One often overlooked, yet crucially important component of many promotional and marketing programs is the packaging of the product.

It’s certainly no different for the packaging of your event, organization, school or company flash drives!

There are many different purposes for flash drives, and if promotion is one of them, then you should take the packaging into serious consideration.

It may be quite alright to drop a “naked” USB into a customer’s hand at a tradeshow or golf event, but consider how much classier and how much the perceived value of your USB gift will increase when you package it properly.

Not only that…

Many USB packaging solutions are actually useful items that will definitely be used by your customer…probably apart from the flash drive itself. If you have imprinted or laser engraved your logo or message on the USB and the package, then you will definitely get a bigger bang for your advertising dollar.

Plain or window tin boxes are the most popular choice for upgrading the value of a USB promotion. PVC containers for regular flash drives and card style USB’s are also a great way to make it look like you spent some extra time, effort and money on your promotion. Bamboo boxes are a great add-on for wood USB’s or eco-friendly flash drives.

Flash drive boxes will definitely hang around your customer’s home, shop, business or desk. They’ll be used as coin and candy holders, paper-clip holders, even flash drive holders! Nobody will throw away that cute little PVC, tin or bamboo box!

That’s good news for those who want their name or message to stay front and centre in their valued prospects’ or customers’ minds. Providing thoughtful and useful packaging along with a promotion has always proven to be a winning combination. Certainly it’s no different for USB packaging ideas.

For such a low cost add-on to your flash drive promotion, this could be priceless!

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