Flash drive pricing is on a general trend downwards…

That’s the good news. However, kinda like the stock market or gold prices, the trend is composed of irregular highs and lows or increases and decreases in weekly pricing. If you are in the market for flash drives for your business, organization or event, it’s very difficult to “time” your purchase to coincide with a price decrease. Especially on a weekly or bi-weekly price fluctuation basis.

Long term, we all know that flash drives will be lower in cost, just like every other technology product out there. Waiting for the right moment may not be an option, especially if you need them for an event, business promotion or marketing campaign. Like everything, you just have to jump in when the time is right for you!

Want the best flash drive pricing and deals?

We’d like to remind our valued visitors that in order to get the best pricing on flash drives, you will need to get the most current pricing in a constantly fluctuating memory market. Beware of vendors with websites that never change and seem to offer “static” or fixed pricing. Check out our Weekly Specials page or contact us to get a current market quote on your favorite flash drive style and capacity.

Go get those deals!