WARNING: Choosing The Wrong USB Supplier Can Cost YOU Hundreds, maybe Thousands!

Here’s a timely and important insider tip for you…and perhaps another reminder that might save you some bucks…and maybe even your reputation!

We have dozens of clients with their own personal horror-stories of choosing the wrong USB supplier in the past. We do occasionally ask clients what brought them to Flash Drive Canada, but these stories usually come to light after we have established a working relationship with the client. Most admit that they based their decision on price only, or how fast they were told the USB’s could be produced.

Some got poor quality or poor service, some got up to 40% USB failure rates with low-grade chipsets that were subbed…and they were the lucky ones!

It’s difficult for us to hear when customers (sometimes grudgingly) tell us that they never even received their orders from other USB suppliers, even after paying for them. This just continues to give the industry a bad reputation, and makes it all the more difficult for both customers and trusted suppliers (like Flash Drive Canada!) to establish business relationships.

It is definitely “buyer-beware” in the USB markets, and it is ultra-competitive out there. However, with the wide range in quality of the memory chip options available, the competition is usually not in “apples to apples” comparisons.

That’s why we remind our clients that they should review the wide variety of information they receive very carefully. We are always willing to answer questions on our service, quotes or Weekly Special pricing, or to explain why there may be discrepancies in pricing, service or quality that they are unsure about.

Making a decision based on lowest price only, or how fast you can get your USB’s, is not the best way to manage your organization’s (or your own) funds. Like most things that we purchase or price out, flash drives are definitely not all created equal. Not by a long shot!

Whatever we buy, we do need to educate ourselves, at least a little bit…right?

Whether you are buying bulk flash drives for your organization, or custom imprinted USB’s for a promotion, be sure to get sound advice from a USB supplier that you feel you can trust.

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